Rozi Ali

Rozi Ali was born in 1959 in the southern Karakorum hushe valley 3180m. Rozi Ali is a senior mountain Guide and expert tour Operator worked with most famous Alpinist in the world especially worked with the greatest Climber of all time Reinhold Messner from then to now. At least 43 years of Experience in Karakorum. Rozi Ali have led dozens of Successful Expeditions and discover many first ascents in Karakorum Mountains. Rozi Ali was the part of every Expedition of Reinhold Messner in Karakorum. Rozi Ali have worked with Reinhold Messner (Italy), Chris bonington, Hans Kammerlander, Doug scott, Robert Schauer, Wanda Rutkiewicz (poland), Alessandro Gogna (Italy), yannik (france), Renato Casratto (Italy), Voytik Kurtika, Robert Renzel(Austria), David lampard(UK), Ennio Spinarili(Italy), Steve Swenson (America), Augusto Zanotti(Italy) and many other famous mountaineers and trekkers around the Globe and now working as a Managing Director at Discover Karakoram treks & tours Pakistan.

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Our main purpose is to guide our valuable clients with mountaineering expeditions, trekking, tour, rock climbing, unclimbed peaks, etc. Our experienced tour guides provides all the facilities to the climber and trekkers.


We provide mountaineering-related activities which involve a set of outdoor activities that involve ascending tall mountains.


We provide trekking facilities to our guests as they required.

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We provide all the facilities to the rock climber whose goal is to reach the summit of a formation.


The purpose of us is to supply potential clients with details about the features of the tour.

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Explore the mountain expedition, particular and cultural monuments of Gilgit Baltistan up close and personal with our local expert hosts. Visit famous as well as mountain-known attractions and meet the lovely people of Gilgit Baltistan.

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We have only the best guide who has experience with expeditions and trekking tours as compared to other companies.

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We are the best service provider and most professional tour guides in Karakoram that's why the top-rated post feedback of our client.

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