Rock Climbing

Latok Expedition

There are several Latok peaks of different height that are Latok-1 (7145m), Lat..

Nagma Valley Amin Braq 5800m

Amin Brak Aka Great Tower is a 5850m high granite tower located in the Nangma Va..

Charakusa Valley

Much of mountaineer climb on the giant of Baltoro whereas not far, the superb va..

Trango Towers

There would be some extremely impressive and challenging walls on the planet, in..

Uli Biaho


Uli Biaho is another spectacular rock walls located in Baltoro Baltistan near ..


Shipton Spire is another fascinating rock wall in the Trango group of mountains...

Yermanendu Kangri

Yermanendu Kangri is a beautiful peak in Karakoram situated in the east of K1 w..

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