Cathedral Peak 6400m

Cathedral Peak, standing at an impressive elevation of 6,400 meters (21,000 feet), is a prominent mountain located in the Eastern Himalayas. While there are several peaks around the world named Cathedral Peak, one notable mention is in the Indian state of Sikkim, within the Kanchenjunga mountain range. This region is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, rich biodiversity, and challenging mountaineering opportunities. The climb to Cathedral Peak is a formidable challenge, attracting experienced mountaineers seeking adventure and a test of their skills. The ascent involves navigating through rugged terrain, glacier crossings, and negotiating technical climbing sections. Due to its elevation and the inherent difficulties of high-altitude mountaineering, climbers must acclimatize properly to reduce the risk of altitude-related illnesses. The Eastern Himalayas, where Cathedral Peak is situated, boast stunning views of surrounding peaks, deep valleys, and glaciers. Climbers often encounter a unique blend of alpine and subalpine ecosystems, with a diverse range of flora and fauna making this region ecologically significant. Expeditions to Cathedral Peak usually start from base camps at lower elevations, allowing climbers to acclimatize gradually before attempting the summit. Weather conditions at such altitudes can be unpredictable and challenging, adding an additional layer of complexity to the climb. Proper planning and preparation are crucial to ensuring the safety and success of any expedition to Cathedral Peak. The rewards of reaching the summit are immense. Climbers are treated to panoramic views that extend as far as the eye can see, with the vastness of the Himalayan landscape laid out before them. The sense of accomplishment that comes with conquering such a formidable peak is unparalleled, making Cathedral Peak a coveted destination for mountaineers seeking both challenge and beauty in their pursuits. It's important to note that specific details about Cathedral Peak, such as climbing routes, conditions, and logistical information, can vary depending on the region and the particular peak bearing that name. Therefore, for those considering an expedition to Cathedral Peak, it is essential to consult up-to-date and reliable sources, local authorities, and experienced guides to ensure a safe and successful adventure.
1Departure/Return LocationInternational Airport, Islamabad
2Departure TimeMountain Range: Karakoram
3Elevation: 6400mBest Time: Mid-June to End-August
4Duration: 25 DaysZone: Permitted
Services Include:
Lodging at base camp (single supplement)
Full base camp with dinning tent, bathroom, showers & solar charge
All internal/domestic transport
All domestic flights
50kgs (110 lbs) personal baggage
All meals during trek and at base camp (B,L,D)
Group emergency equipment/satellite phone service with fixed calling charge
Two nights stay in Islamabad hotel on arrival and two on return (bed & breakfast only)
Staff insurance (guide, cook, kitchen staff, assistant(s) & porters etc)
Experienced cook from Pakistan
Kitchen staff
Porters for all expedition supplies
Solar power at base camp
Electricity generator (backup for high voltage devices)
International airfare
Permit/royalty fee according to number of persons
Personal climbing equipment, clothing & sleeping equipment
Group climbing gear (rope, ice crew, snow bar, EPI gas, cooking pots and others)
Mountain climbing rescue and evacuation insurance policy - mandatory
Lodging and meals above base camp
Any service above base camp
Communication radio (walkie talkie)
Weather reports
Personal equipment cargo to/from Islamabad
Pakistan visa fee
Tips/gratuities to staff, cook, assistant(s) of US$ 250 per person in total
Meals in Islamabad
Extra hotel nights after the climb
Trip cancellation insurance
All expenses incurred in the event of early wind-up/summit (extra hotel nights, meals at hotels, evacuation)
Charges incurred due to delays beyond the control of Apricot Tours (Force majeure)
Personal communication (phone, fax, e-mail) between Pakistan and home country.

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