Nagma Valley Amin Braq 5800m

Amin Brak Aka Great Tower is a 5850m high granite tower located in the Nangma Valley of Gacgche district in the Karakoram range of Pakistan. Amin Brak Expedition offers one of the best technical rock climbing experiences in the Karakoram region. The Brak or Tower is in an open zone, so the climber did not need any permit or royalty fee to climb the Amin Brak (Great Tower) 5800m (5850m). Amin Brak expedition does not require long trekking like other peaks in the region it is just three days’ journey from Skardu, the capital of Karakoram. 25-30 days are recommended to climb Amin Brak starting and ending in Islamabad.
1Departure/Return LocationInternational Airport, Islamabad
2Departure TimeMountain Range: Karakoram
3Elevation: 5850mBest Time: Mid-May to End-August
4Duration: 29 DaysZone: Permitted
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