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There would be some extremely impressive and challenging walls on the planet, in the contest Trango Group in the Baltoro region of Pakistan will get more votes for its scenic view and challenging climb. Trango tower expedition provides a golden opportunity to climb one of the hardest and scenic granite walls in the world while being in the surroundings of the wild and rugged Karakoram mountains. Trango Group in the Karakoram range is the world’s highest vertical wall, the massif stands at the start of Baltoro Glacier. Trango Towers are the world’s largest vertical cliff and most challenging rock. The granite towers lie in the Baltoro Muztagh, a sub-range of the Karakoram range.Trango towers are no doubt a heaven for rock climbers around the world. The towers are rooted in the Baltoro Glacier at the starting point of the glaciers and the starting point of k2 trekking as well. The climb at Trango tower is most challenging due to the combination of high altitude, steepness, and technical climbing conditions. There are two main spires of Trango Towers the far right one the highest with an altitude of 6,286 meters is Called “The Great Trango” while the left spire is called the “Trango Nameless Tower” at an altitude of 6,239 meters. The rock spire (Trango Nameless Tower) spurts an impressive 1,000 meters high from the ridgeline. The duration of the Trango tower expedition is from 30 to 35 Days. We arrange Trango Tower Expedition for both spires of Trango Towers.
1Departure/Return LocationInternational Airport, Islamabad
2Departure TimeMountain Range: Karakoram
3Elevation: 6286mBest Time: Mid-May to End-August
4Duration: 35 DaysZone: Permitted
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